Our experts

KeSch Experts for Training, Consultation and Coaching

KeSch Experts specialising in Management training, Sales training, Procurement training and Legal seminars come from Europe, USA and Asia. They are selected according to high quality standards:

  • Professional experience in the respective field of activity
  • Education as a trainer and coach
  • Experience both in your country and in the target country
  • Profound intercultural skills
  • Cultural competence, as well as professional expertise, methodological, language and market competence
  • We operate according to the principles “quality, transparency, integrity” of the Value Orientation and Further Education Forum (‘Forums Werteorientierung in der Weiterbildung’)
  • Regular professional and methodological further training courses

Next to around 400 intercultural KeSch trainers and experts specializing in international management training, sales training and procurement training, we have ca. 50 international legal experts and business specialists who specialize in issues like international commercial law, labour law, property law…

We present some of our KeSch experts and trainers: