Procurement trainings

International Procurement TrainingsThe success of procurement trainings for employees who work in procurement and purchasing in foreign countries depends not only on the professional competence of a trainer, but to a large extent on their language and intercultural competence.

KeSch Training International procurement trainers and experts are familiar with the instruments of local procurement techniques and the cultural characteristics of the target countries. They are selected according to high quality standards, and ensure that the content of the procurement trainings, education and coaching really gets through to the participants.

KeSch offers you the whole range of competencies in the field of international procurement in more than 40 languages, no matter whether you are responsible for a particular country, i.e. China or Turkey, or you work in purchasing in different countries.

KeSch trains your foreign purchasers and partners, offers language and culture specific procurement education for particular country, i.e. China, India, Romania, Bulgaria or Turkey. In transnational projects KeSch plans and carries out multilingual training projects and supports you in performing your international procurement conferences.

KeSch ensures the implementation of similar procurement and purchasing strategies in different countries.

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Negotiation Training South Korea

How can I achieve my goal in negotiation with Korean business partners

Location: Raum StuttgartDate: 21.-22.09.2020Time: 9:00 - 18:00
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Procurement training: Effective procurement negotiation

Confidence and self-assertion in procurement negotiation

Location: M√ľnsterDate: 16.-17.11.2020Time: 09:00 - 18:00 Uhr