International Training


  • represents more than just training in the English language for us
  • is offered worldwide in more than 40 languages
  • is held in mother tongue or in working language of the participants
  • builds bridges between countries and links different ways of work and life
  • establishes similar standards in different countries
  • is as individual as the people who take part in it
  • intercultural¬†and international Training Seminars in more than 40 languages

International training includes:

  • International, country-specific orf cross-border sales training, procurement training and management training
  • Coaching of managers abroad, in their mother tongue
  • International management, buying agents, or sales personnel training
  • Negotiation preparation and coaching for a specific country
  • Legal training for managers in the important legal regulations at their new position
  • International training for key account managers- responsible for different countries- by trainers from the respective country
  • Management interface problems between different countries
  • Facilitating an event in 2 different languages
  • Events for participants from different countries in a common working language
  • Training in common service guidelines in different countries
  • Introducing a single company mission

KeSch trainers and experts

  • have work experience in the specific training area
  • have lived and worked in different countries
  • are selected according to high quality standards
  • carry out trainings in more than 40 languages