KeSch international Trainers and Experts have extensive experience in multinational and intercultural projects. They carry out coaching and precise individual training in over 40 languages, and form teams of experts for transnational projects.

KeSch training courses and projects are individually developed in cooperation with customers, which guarantees the optimal learning success of participants.

Recent Projects


  • Sales academy worldwide for an international IT company, with approx. 20 topics in the local language. Topics included: price negotiations, closing techniques, channel management, dealing with objections, acquiring new customers, complaints management, solution selling, sales controlling + sales management, strategic sales…
  • Sales and management training for an international tour company
    Countries: Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain
    Languages: Arabic, German, English, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
  • Sales training in Hungary, Romania and Russia, as well as optimisation of cooperation between the regional branches and the German head office of a commercial vehicle manufacturer
  • International negotiation techniques as training, and training on the job for key account managers to guarantee similar standards in negotiations for a chemical corporation that operates world wide
  • Sales strategy, expansion of sales and sales coaching for the management of an international manufacturer of machines for the waste disposal and recycling industry in Poland, carried out in the Polish language
  • Modular sales education for former service technicians in Russia for an electronic connection technology products manufacturer


  • International programme for managers in the production for an automobile supplier: leadership role as master, team building, HR communication, master as the coach, conflict management, motivation
    Countries: France, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, UK, USA, Mexico, China, Japan
    Languages: English, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese
  • Cooperation and management in international teams, overcoming intercultural and virtual interface problems for a technology corporation
  • Control of organisational development processes and implementation of management tools in sales, service and production sites for a medical technology company
    Countries: Bulgaria, China, France, Japan, Malaysia, Norway, Sweden, South Africa, Czech Republic, USA
    Languages: Afrikaans, French, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish, Czech
  • International management trainees programme for an automobile supplier: Subject areas i.a.: Process and project management, presentation techniques, problem-solving techniques, management training, business training (cost accounting, figures, balance sheet analysis and contract management)
  • International implementation of management standards in consideration of cultural peculiarities in individual target countries for a trading group.
  • Methodical and didactic education of officers for Russian training managers: from teacher-centred training to participants and demand-oriented learning for a subordinated government agency of a Ministry


  • International modular education for commodity buyer and senior buyer in the fields of management, negotiation, supplier management and law for an automobile supplier
    Topics: personal role and attitude, law/business administration (technology/logistics, social competences, negotiation, supplier management and risk management…
    Countries: China, Germany, Mexico, Rumania, USA
    Languages: Chinese, German, English, Romanian, Spanish
  • International modular procurement training for an automobile manufacturer in all 5 continents
    Level: Basic, Advanced, Experts
    Countries: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, India, Japan, Mexico, Rumania, Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Thailand, USA/Canada
    Languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, Portuguese, Rumanian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish
  • Modular education: Negotiation techniques for buyers in food, non-food and category management of an international trading company


  • Managing Directors´Training in legal situations (labour law, contract law, financial law, etc.) in the country of new employment for an international construction corporation
  • Preparation of personnel recruitment specialists in labour law (job interviews, hiring, dismissal, labour law measures in employment relationship…) for new positions in Eastern Europe for an international financial services provider
  • Property law and procurement law for employees responsible for projects in Central and Eastern Europe: International energy supplier

Coaching projects

  • Doctors coaching:
    For doctors from Eastern Europe and Arab countries in a German university hospital in the fields: communication with patients, colleagues and supervisors, personnel management. Coaching in the mother tongue and German
  • Negotiation coaching:
    Successful negotiations with partners from different cultures international chemical corporation
    Coaching efficient negotiation with international partners: different negotiation techniques in specific cultures, targeted preparation for upcoming international negotiations in a biotechnology company
  • Intercultural coaching China:
    Confidence in dealing with Chinese business partners – Packaging industry
  • Media coaching:
    Successfully present the company in front of a microphone and camera
    International pharmaceutical corporation
  • Management coaching for management directors:
    Confidence in dealing with Chinese business partners – Packaging industry


  • Management coaching for management directors:
    In China, Bulgaria, France, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Croatia and Czech: Security technology
    In Russia: Construction corporation
    In Switzerland: Tax authority
  • Coaching presentation and facilitation:
    Management consultancy, pharmaceutical corporation, luxury goods